Boyfriend In Ft Benning Basic/ait Training


New to this forum. My boyfriend left in January and graduates 4/24. I thought it would get easier as time went on, but now two months into it it only seems harder. I have received many letters, but not one phone call and I notice many of you have already heard from your men via phone. Do you know if everyone has that privelege?

Are any of you going for the pass weekend or know anything about it?

Anyway, glad to see there are other gals in my situation. 


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My guy left in Jan too for Ft. Benning and I've only got 2 calls from him which have only been 2 to 3 minutes long. I know that when they are in red phase they don't have phone time. Also, he might be tired. But don't worry, I'm sure he will call when he can.

Thank you girls! I know the next 45 days will fly by and before I know he'll be back home. I know we (and our relationships) will only be stronger after this experience.<br />
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ArmyFiance11B - I like your take on why he isn't calling b/c he doesn't want to choose :) I'll just think of it that way! He is a rare breed and knowing him it is probbaly harder to have a 2 min conversation than none at all and he's pretty private (no pun intended) so maybe he is waiting until pass weekend when he can "relax" and be himself.

Hey I just posted in our ft. benning thread on here so you should go and read that, and to answer some of your other questions in AIT he should get more phone calls but they won't have internet or anything like that.<br />
Another Idea about the phone call thing is(my other idea is on the other thread:)), maybe he just doesn't have enough time to call both you and his mom so he doesn't to **** either one of you off so he just chooses not to, because my phone cals have only been like 2 or 3 min long at the most. maybe you should ask him if hes been given any phone time & see what he says :) I'm sure everything is fine, & one "piece of advise" I guess lol (a thing that I have a hard time remembering) is that this is as hard on him emotionally as it is on you, even tho sometimes he prolly won't want to show it to you. :)<br />
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Hang in there and stay strong!! Remember only 45 more days left!! And only 11 til the 36hr pass! We've almost made it!! yay!

dont worry about not getting a call. I waited 6 weeks for a call then it was about 3 weeks after that.

Hi! Thanks for the quick responses.<br />
I am keeping busy which has helped and he is really good about writing. I just wonder why he chooses not to call (he doesn't call his mom either) so I am not taking it personal, but still it makes me sad that he can and won't. He said he'll call over his pass weekend so that is good. Is the AIT portion more leanient? Will he have access to email and cell etc? <br />
Thanks again for your responses and warm welcome!

WELCOME!!! My bf went to Ft. Benning!!! Congrats, its the toughest Army basic training base in the U.S...not a thing to worry though, he'll be ok. To us it seems like an eternity when we don't hear from them, but its ok, they're just kept super busy... You should also keep busy, that way you don't spend your time crying and praying, and crying some more ;] that'swhy we're here...for ya!

iam pretty sure everyone has that privilage. is he in bootcamp?? cuz when my babe was in bootcamp in oklahoma he was able to talk to me for a lil bit i think they only had 30 min. and idk anything about pass time you write him make sure to ask dear.