I Dont Know What to Think....

My boyfriend hasnt written me or called me in 2 weeks.

The last time I talked to him was on the 21st. I keep waiting and waiting for a letter.....He left on the 11th and he was in reception for like a week n a half but i got 2 one minute phone calls and one letter. but ever since he started basic training i havent heard anything.

Every other girl on here gets letters and calls....I dont get it....

Every nite i have a dream about him.....i wake up to realize its all fake. All i want is to hear his voice or get a letter. Why does it seem like Fort knox is the worst place to go?

I miss him..........

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i was the same way... i did nt hear from my fiance for about a month and then next thing i know letters started coming like twice a week!!! do you have the Address?

U must remember that during the first few weeks they are going through "hell week" and are basically getting told when to bl<x>ink and when to think. It will get better. It always takes a few weeks to hear anything. Just hang in there girl:)

well when my boyfriend was in basic training he wrote me as much as he could but it wasn't that many time and when he called me it was 2 minute conversations..<br />
<br />
it will get better because toward the end of basic training they may end up getting more priveleges and you will talk to him more often..<br />
<br />
just give it some time and everything will get better for you..<br />
<br />
Hang in there and if you need someone to talk to i am always here...<br />
<br />
and Fort Knox is a horrible place my boyfriend was there for Basic and AIT

Yes, like all the other girls have said, there is nothing to worry about. Im sure he is just really busy. They keep them super busy for the most part at basic. You'll get to hear from him soon enough!<br />
Stay strong :)

Yeah the first couple of weeks I didn't get any letters and then when he finally got to write letters he asked why I hadn't been sending him any letters (and I had been sending letters) but they had been holding them and he got lie 6 all at once! They also keep them very very busy the whole time but especially during the first couple of weeks.<br />
Hang in there Stay strong!!

Yeah, I don't think you have to worry much. When my bf was in basic he called about 5 times during his whole time there, and I didn't get my first letter until 2-3 weeks after. Remember that he is super busy...that way you won't drive yourself insane thinking "why hasn't he called me?!"

babe i think they might being holding the letters and not let them using the phone or something. iam sure he would call or write you if they werent. and its okay i still have those dreams all the time =/ it sucks. but if you need anyone to talk to iam here.