Not Good Enough...

so i gotta vent on a few things. i just got off the phone with my baby i was happy =] but than i was lookin through his myspace cuz he told me i could change a few things since he hasnt been on in forever.anyways i was lookin through his messages for something and i see this skanky girl talkin to him. i guess he known her from awhile back or whatever. i was reading there messages [[cant lie i got a lil nosy. but alotta girls do, wouldnt you read it?]] i trust him dont get my wrong i just got a lil touch of nosyness.anyways i was readin through all there messages and she was talkin bout how cute he was and all this **** and he asked for her number so he could text her. i gotta a lil bit worried but than i remembered that he loves me so i got better =] but now iam just sittin here thinking..[[which is never good for me]] am i really good enough for him? does he deserve someone prettier than me? am i to fat? to ugly? does he need someone like her? am i just going insane or something?? i hate feeling this way. but i just dont feel good enough for him. i feel like i try my best to keep strong and be by his side and lovehim and show him i care but is that enough? i need yall help so i can stop all this crying =/ i dont know what to do. i dont know how to feel. anymore. =[[[

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thank you guys sooo much. iam so blessed to have people like yall in my life to left me up like you just did. thank yousooooo much. i love yall too.

Girl, i'm kinda feeling the same way. I wonder every day if I'm really good enough for him. Especially now after we had our problems, i keep wondering if i somehow made him freek out like he did, so I'm trying to watch myself extra close to make sure I don't do anything stupid...though I don't know what that is...weird, i know.<br />
Anways, the point is, I can relate to what you're going through and I would probably be reacting the same way. Just wanted to let you know that it's not pathetic, and if it is, well them I'm just as pathetic as you so you're not alone in your patheticness. =) Hang in there girl, if I were you though, i might try and just slip this chic's name into a conversation and see what he says. I mean, it might make you feel better. I know he's under alot of stress, but if he cares about you then he'll want to know if somethings bothering you. <br />
I totally agree with ArmyFiance11B though, you are not fat or ugly and I'm sure whatever you've got is great cuz you're mans loved you for 4 years and if its true love, no sexy ***** gonna take that away from you! <br />
Cheer up. We all love ya =)

I'm just going to message you what I'm tryin to say ;)

this happened to me with my last boyfriend. it depends on when those messages were sent, really. my last bf had been talking to this girl, who was apparently the girl he was fooling around with before dating me, and there were some recent messages about how much she missed him, and then i found out he had gone to her house, but i trusted him when he said he didnt do anything with her. we later broke up for different reasons. its tough when you find something that he has been hiding from you, but i know i felt a whole lot better when i confronted him about it, and considering he told you to go onto his myspace, he has to know that all that information is out there in the open for you. since he is probably under a lot of stress right now, i wouldnt reccomend bringing it up until you guys are face to face. just know that if he says he loves you, then he means it, especially if youve been together for a while. and really, if its just texting, theres nothing to worry about, but if you find more stuff like this, you need to decide if its worth bringing up right now. but dont put yourself through stress about it. we're here for you. peace.

thank you so much. it just made me sick to my stomach knowing i may lose him so iam sittin here crying my eyes out stomach hurts and listenin to our song over and over. pathetic right? idk they prob are just friends and he knows i was looking through it so maybe yur right

whoa. that is always bad when you find something like that. especially because obviously you don't want to tell him you were looking because that will cause a huge fight with a big trust issue.. but also think about it this way, if he gave you his password and email, he obviously knew that those messages were in there and come on, he knew you were going to look, and he didn't even delete them.. think about it. he has nothing to hide. <br />
<br />
so.. he asked for her #, that's not what you wanted to read but you have been together for four years, that's a long time but you guys are still young. there could be alot of different ways to look at this. i wont sugar coat it so, maybe he is thinking that because hes so young and has been with you for so long, maybe he needs to talk to other girls to reassure him that his love for you is true? or hes completely and madly in love with you, and he doesn't want anyone else except friends, and you need to trust him..<br />
<br />
... this is a hard situation but seriously, don't think too far into it. let it go for now.. if you find more **** & see him acting shady, than u know something is going on and that is when you put your foot down & say something.. don't cry, because you have nothing to cry over yet! its nothing! they are friends & text.. no big deal girl. if you love him & trust him, than no worries till you find something you need to worry about...<br />
<br />
..he loves you, remember that.