Good News and a Rant All In One!

Well, my boyfriend graduated from AIT in Fort Knox on Feb 20th and now he is in California (Fort Irwin).

Last week he asked me to marry him. I was so excited. We are going to get married when  he comes home in June. He is the best boyfriend ever. Eventhough we are now across the country from eachother I still feel close to him because we talk all the time and he tells me how much he loves me.

But, the downside of this is that even after we get married I still won't be able to move with him because I'm in college and I am going to finish atleast two years of school before I move away. It sucks because I would love to move with him but I have to stay all the way across the country from him.

We are making it work though and as long as we try it will work fine. I hate not being able touch and see my boyfriend all the time. He gives me hope that things will get better but it is hard to ensure me that everything will get better when there are so many negative things around me.

I just want to be able to live a normal life but I know that won't happen because I am in an Army relationship and the Army is always the person who makes the final decisions in all of their relationships.

But, yeah I was just ranting about my life.


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5 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Aww. Our boys were on the same track. Mine Grauated AIT on Feb 11. at Ft. Houston. Hes stationed In CO. now and im in Cali. Actually only bout 1.5 hrs from Ft. Irwin. <br />
We planned on getting married this summer But Hes actually getting Deplyed to Afgan. for 12 months in may. :( .. But Congrats thats so exciting for you. Do take it one day at a time. N it''ll go by Fast. Sooner than later you will be together. Best of Luck.

well i think that being an army girlfriend is hard but getting married is good. And if yall get married then you should look for a school near him because what would be the use of getting married if yall dont see each other and he is in the country

congrats!! =] iam excited for you also. that sounds amazing and like mgrocker said you could move colleges unless you absolutely love the one your at. but yall will make it through either way =] and iam excited for you.

Congrats!! And chica, at least your man's got it in him to marry you! I mean, not to be dissin my guy or anything, but sometimes i swear he's dumb as rocks. He's in AZ right now and he'll be shipping out to Korea this fall and we keep talking about how we're gonna miss eachother and how we can't be together. I just wanna smack him upside the head and be like, we CAN be together, if we got hitched. lol. <br />
But anyways, I'm sure it will work out between you. I understand college is important, but you may end up changing your mind about staying at your school for 2 years. Idk what your major is, but unless your school is awesome you can probably find one just as good closer to him. It's just an option to consider. <br />
I'm really really excited for you (and a bit jealous lol) I hope everything goes wonderfully and yeah, congrats again! =)

Awww CONGRATS!!!!!!!<br />
but just take it one day at a time. <br />
I hate to sound cliche<br />
but his love will make it all worth it right