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 o k so have these friendss and they have been toogether going on three years but they have known each other all thier lives but heres the catch...when they first hooked up she was a freshman and he was a senoir in high school....they managed to connect and they feel deeply in love ....two years passed and the 2nd semester of her sophomore year he left for basic training.....he talks about marrying her bacause he truly does love her and doesnt care about the age difference....but he is leaving so what she suppose to do i mean she really wants to wait for him and they talk about getting married right after she this situation all wrong?

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Wow... hmmm.... I think I'm in the "old" group of this group and I've dated much older in the past. Love is love no matter what. The thing to consider is the fact that they are at totally different places in their lives (even though the age difference is not that much). I never understood when people would tell me that I would change SO much from 16 to 30 ... until I hit my late 20's and looked back. <br />
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This is a HUGE life step and life lesson. I wish them the best and will pray that they choose the right path to follow. It's not like they need to get married right away. Why not wait until she's done with college? Or like in five years? <br />
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I don't know .... just a thought

i dont anything wrong with this either. yeah their is a age gap but that is only a minjor detail. love is love no matter how old you are my dear. tell her that she should do what she feels is best and if they truly love eachother than get married!! if its in the cards do it. love only comes every so often.

everyone has their own different story and despite the fact they have a decent age gap doesnt mean they are not truly in love. if their love is real, it will work for them.. love happens to everyone at different times and ages...<br />
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all you can do is wait, be there for her and support her through this hard time = )<br />
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good luck to you and your friend.

this is not at all wrong. me and my soldier started dating when i was a freshman in high school and he was a junior. i am waiting for him to come back from ait and then we plan on getting married in the summer of 2010. as long as your friend and her man are happy, thats all that matters.