Men I Swear!!!! More Complicated Then Women...

Ok so my boyfriend has been thinking about something serious lately...  for like the past week or more...  and when i asked him about what's on his mind he says that it don't concern me YET so i shouldn't worry about it...  and i asked him again tonight bc he hasn't called or im'd or e-mailed me at all in like a week he said i don't get to know yet...  what on earth can this mean!!!  i know it's nothing bad bc of the way he reassured me that it wasn't...  it's nothing i did or any thing...  urg i wanna know all the possable possabilitys!!!  i already know he's deploying next January, and i know he wouldn't keep something like that from me cuz that concerns me NOW...  i have it from a vary good source that he has been thinking about marrage lately (the past couple of months)  could this be it???  he said that he had to sort a few things out and what not...  can some one help me in coming up with diffrent answerew on wtf could be going through his head...  i don't wanna get my hopes too high...  lol please and thank you!!

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Start looking at flowers, photographers, cakes, get your bridal party together. <br />
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:D Have fun!

i have no clue but im definetly thinking marriage! just give him time and let him "sort things out".. guys are definetly more complicated than girls somtimes.. i always tell my bf that. i always say,i swear i feel like your the one who gets your period and not me! haha, boys are funny. got to love ours = )<br />
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.. keep me posted = ) i wanna know what happens!!!

well iam thinking its probably marriage because he has to "sort things out" and if it isnt bad thats the only thing i can think it could be. men are complicated they wanna make everything to secret haha. and its adorable be incridibly annoying at times haha. well i think its marriage. the only thing i can think it could be. but keep me posted and know whats going on :)