Cant Sleep Tonight...

soooo.. i have amazing news!?! iam soo very much excited. my soldier came home and i get to see him tomorrow. i prob. wont get any sleep tonight! i get to wake up early and spend the whole day with him. annddd this weekend i get to spend the whole weekend in his arms! =] he is down til april 3rd and than he has to go to north florida with his unit for god knows what. but that all doesnt matter right now. what matters is i get to see him!! sorry if iam babbling iam just extrmemly excited to be with him and hug n kiss him and take tons of ridiculious pictures.its been forever since i seen him and i cant wait to tackle him to the ground with hugs.kisses and tears lmfao. sorry i thought i'd just share my happy news.oh and dont worry our journey just began and iam still gonna be on here everyday :)

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Awww! I know, I'll be the same way when Nick comes home :) Spend as much time together as possible!!

aweh. thanks and i will :) when i first found out i was bouncin off the walls so idk how iam even sittin neither lol

aww congrats!! Im so happy that you get to see your man, i wouldnt be able to sit down if i were you. Have fun and enjoy your time with your other half ^_^