This is stemed from my other post.


Well if you read the other post you would know that I am getting married in June. I am super excited.

But, I just want to hear your opinions on rather or not I should finish college in Maryland or if I should move to California with my soon to be husband after we get married.

I want to spend as much time with him as possible because he is active duty and he can be called away with the drop of a hat and I want to be there with him while he's here just in case that happens but I do know if I should move there.

Although I am sure that there are colleges with my major in California. It will be kind of hard to start over in a new state.


But, please give me your opinions I would grately appreciate them.


Thanks! :)

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I'm originally from California and currently am stuck in PA. Cali colleges are not very expensive depending where you go. Being married to a military man may help you in your college expenses! Back in the day, my parents were able to go to college for $25 per hour, but that's back in the day. You still hear on the news how it's still less expensive, which is nice :)<br />
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I'd definitely apply first, before doing anything. If they'd accept you, then I would definitely move! You both will need to support eachother in any decision you make.<br />
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Good luck!!

One thing i would definitely consider is that the likelihood of him getting deployed is very high, and if you move out here to live with him and he gets deployed 3 or 4 months later then you'll be in CA by yourself for the whole of his may be better to just stay and finish your degree, and then wherever you move you'll be set -whether he's deployed or not.<br />
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If you do decide to move you need to find out not only if the college you'll be applying to has your major, but also how many of your units will be able to transfer. Typically most four year universities in CA require you to do at least two years in residence at their university, which would mean you'd lose a year of school. Also don't forget that if you transfer to CA you'll be paying out of state tuition, which is considerably more.<br />
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Good luck in your decision honey =)

I would move for sure!

honestly i don't think i would move and switch my school if it were me, but that doesn't mean it won't work out for you if that's what you decide. congrats on getting married!

i would deff. move with my hubby. and in the miltary your probably gonna move everywhere but i think they will have your major there and yah its going to be hard to start all over but atleast you will have your baby as much as possible before he has to elave again yano?

Uhm...definitely apply and make sure you get accepted before moving.<br />
Moving is a big hassle, so make sure you think everything out and make sure its gonna work before deciding for sure.<br />
but yes, i would definitely move if i were getting married, assuming my job could get transfered and they have the major i need.

hmm.... that's a really hard one!! I don't know. Hopefully you have time to take to think about everything and weigh it all out.