Once Again.

So i  just got off the phone with my boyfriend. I tried to make it a good conversation since we didnt get to talk last night, but i just couldnt do it. His voice is different since hes sick and of course i made it into a big deal, and questioned his love for me. I dont know what to do anymore. I know i have to be strong for him and to not show him how im truly feeling without him, but the longer this goes on the harder it gets. Im trying to be so strong but all i am feeling is weak. Has anyone ever felt like this?

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Thank you girls alll so much! <br />
You guys are all such a big support!

I have to agree that I have felt that way a lot since my BF has been deployed. I think most of it has stemmed from his lack of emotion and all, but he has been better with expressing his feelings which has helped my feeling as though he doesn't care that much...<br />
<br />
Overall, I think the distance thing doesn't help, but you just have to tell yourself that you are feeling the way you are because you miss him a lot.

YES YES YES WE ALL HAVE!!! No matter how long we've been with our soldiers we all have questioned their love for us in every degree. It's all in the way they are conditioned sweetie. They do have a job to do first, but never think for one minute that he isn't thinking about you! Your right you have to stay strong for him, but for you too! BUT, you MUST allow yourself to be weak once in a while. Take the time to let yourself have a good cry, or be mad...IT'S OK! We are not super heros!!! This is where you find your strength then to pull yourself up and move on! He'll be home soon! Head up! You need anything we are here for you! <br />

heyy! the way your feeling is completely normal!!! we all feel this way once in awhile.but you always gotta remember to keep your head up coz therell always be a bump to your road. dont worry things will get better soon and remember were always here for you! hang in there! :)

Completely normal...and it's ok to tell him you're having an off night, or even week, but that you'll work through it.

I think that everyone feels like this every once in a while. My soldier went into the army while our relationship was still really new, so i was really insecure about getting a dear john letter or not being strong enough to handle this.<br />
But time will show you that you ARE strong enough, hun.<br />
You CAN get through this. What you need, is an emotional outlet. Find something that you love to do, that uses energy. I paint, and ive recently taken up running. You really wouldnt think that'd help, but those endorphines definitely dont suck lol.<br />
And just hang in there and just keep pushin forward babe. Your gonna get through this doubt and move onto a more confident level of thinkin :) and if you ever need to chat, message me

i actually usually hear this from the gf, saying their man questions their love on the phone. they all say it makes them really upset, and then adding to it that they think they've done something wrong to make their men doubt them. bottom line is that it's normal for this to happen when you don't have them next to you to show you they love you. these relationships are for strong men and women; BUT everyone has times like this. you should only be concerned if you CANNOT move past it, no matter what you do. i think you'll be fine :)

i feel like this now and again, but you gotta stay strong because they do love us and they need us to stay strong no matter how weak we may get. they will be in our arms soon. and tell him how your feeling but dont question his love for you because he does love you sweete