Poor Db Is Having a Hard Time

DB= deployable boyfriend, by the way.

I got a really depressing text message from him this afternoon, and talked to him a little bit. And tonight he called and hes all grumpy because he hurt his lower back and refuses to get a guide so he can be excused from lifting really heavy things, ect because the guys are pretty brutal to each other and my soldier is really pretty macho. He says that they wouldnt let him live it down if he got an excuse like some *****.
But he has a PT test tomorrow morning and he cant even stand for long periods of time and can barely lift anything X_x so i dunno how thats gonna go, and he got flagged in his last test cause he was really sick so hes stressing. But he wont listen when i tell him that if he doesnt go get his back looked at it could turn into something serious. What if its a slipped or ruptured disc or something?? But he went on about how everything there is BS and how he hates being treated like a kid and...i dunno what else. But he was supposed to be coming home this weekend to get a new SUV, but he jsut found out he has saturday duty.
I miss him and his stubborn self. I dunno when im gonna get to see him next, but i hope its soon! Now that hes settled down into his duty station, its like everyday im expecting him to get THAT phone call. It might come tomorrow and then i really wont get to see him for months. This whole deal kinda sucks. Not to mention im seriously being deprived here >_> we all know what im talking about.
But im stickin it out for my soldier and not sweating it (Even though its 81 degrees here!!!) :] I have some serious love for that man.

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they shouldn't give him too much crap if he really is hurt... my DB has a bad back too... he got it looked at and it kills him sometimes but he's able to pass his PT tests thank god!!! we donno what's wrong with his back but i think it's just tension and maybe a pinched nerve bc i give him massages and he feels a bit better and when i start his back is nothing but knots... sooo tell him to get it looked at and find out what's wrong!!

im guessing militarysos, thats where i got it from and its stuck with me. It can mean deployable, dear or darn (for when your pissed at him) Im constantly having to erase DB and respell soldier or boyfriend but i finally gave up lol. It makes sense to me. <BR>I was on that site for a loonnng time. Got too crowded for my liking though. <BR>And he did fail his pt test today (by 2 situps) but it motivated him to finally go and get an excuse (he said doing the situps were almost unbearable) and he got some SGT working with him on some back excersizes or something...soo hopefully it'll be okay :]

agreeing with above poster. especially the lower back, that's dangerous territory. i call paul db bc it means "dear boyfriend" or whatevers on another site im a member of. ill make sure to clarify when i use it, lol.

mmmmm girl, I know how you feel girl in the deprived area... shittt. :( lol I guess I have a DF then.. lol "deployable fiance" lmao, He is getting deployed for sure this year sometime, the problem is we don't when :(<br />
<br />
But your man should seriously get his back checked out! Tell him to take some time and get a doctor to look at it, because it could be a slipped disc or even a pinched nerve, Especially if he can't stand for long periods of time! Scary! & Backs are not something to mess around with, prideful or not he needs to be seen asap!! Tell him that his back could keep causing him problems and it might be something serious enough that if it doesn't get checked out then it could limit or Halt his military career!