So Proud of Nick...

I am so proud of my boyfriend, Nick, who is currently in Fort Benning, GA for his basic training. He's been in Ft. Benning since Feb. 26th, 2009 and I miss him dearly. I have written several letters that I haven't been able to send yet, because he has not sent me a letter with a return address. I've already received a couple w/out return addresses.  Does anyone have a general idea how long it can sometimes take for mail to be sent from Ft. Benning? I've been dealing with the military since I was a child, my father is a former Marine of 25 years active duty. My mom said at times it can take a while for mail to be sent out/received and whatnot when she dealt with that when my Dad was in. Is it the same now? It's so difficult waiting like this, but it could be so much worse. I love Nick with all my heart and can not wait to hear from him soon.

Any thoughts?

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Thank you all so much :)
It was kinda neat that almost a week ago, he was able to use his phone for 5 minutes and I was so WOW when he sent a text saying " how's my beauty back home :) " We sent a cpl messages back and forth and he said he sent a third letter, but I've yet to receive it. Before in his other two letters he said I may or may not receive the mail depending if there is or isn't a return address. Military can be very confusing lol

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my boyfriend left one day earlier than yours. i got his address a week and a half after he left..<br />
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my bestfriend is at fort benning and i got his address about 2 and a half weeks into it..<br />
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dont worry sweetie, its coming = )

My guy is at Fort Benning and I know what you are feeling. I got 2 letters from him w/o return addresses and then he settled down and I got one with a return address. And now it takes about 3 days from when he mails the letter in GA to get to me in CO. So just be patient and it will come. Also, keep in mind that he probably doesn't have alot of time to write right now because of being tired or whatever. Just know that he's looking forward to getting your letters. I wrote my guy a bunch and then I sent them all in seperate envelopes when I could. He said that it was awesome to be the guy that got the most mail on the first mail call and all ther other guys were jealous. <br />
Hope this helps.

Uhm...i got my first letter with a return address about 2 1/2 weeks after he started BCT. They switch barracks a lot in the beginning and it can definitely take some time for them to finally settle in (especially if the COs have conflicting commands due to lack of communication...which happens a lot in BCT and AIT) <br />
Just be patient :] im sure you already know since your dad was in the marines. You'll be getting that letter before you know it, hes probably just as eager to get your letters as you are to send them out.

I am in the same situation.. My dad is in the Airforce and has been since he turned 18 years old.. and now my boyfriend is in the National Guard.. It's so weird but you just totally understand. It's awesome that you get to experience what your mom went through and when you need someone she can relate!