Yay! =]

so... my boyfriend and i were hoping he would be able to come home for christmas but of course, he got news that he will most likely be deployed in november. so thats probably not going to happen unfortunately.

but he graduates towards the beginning of april. so he is going to use the leave he has and come see me before he has to leave for germany. i am so excited! we are going to try for prom... because then i will have the best date but anyway... bah. just thought i would share how happy i am! =]]]

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thank you! i hope so too. i will be happy no matter what. either way, i see him. but i would really enjoy it if he could come. =]

I hope he can make it for your prom, girl. Mine missed my prom, but honestly, after a year, the things they miss dont matter so much as when you actually do have them here :) but i hope you get to see him, and have fun!!

it's okay to be happy :) we know what that feels like!! i hope he gets to come home and enjoy your prom with you! you'd have a blast!!

awe girl, thats good. i hope he can make it home for your prom. that would make it so special for you = ) and he would look super cute in his uniform!<br />
<br />
let us know what happens!

Well i hope that he can come home for your prom. Good Luck with that!