Counting Down Until His R&r Leave

I'm a PROUD Army Girlfriend and am desperately waiting  for my man's R&R Leave time. He was just deployed for the 4th time in January of this year and he's to take his leave time in Mid June. (I feel like a little kid counting down the days to Christmas.) As of today, I have approximately 94 days until his return! -We have so much to catch up on! -Ya'll know what I mean!!  LOL...LOL He was deployed four days before my birthday and we really didn't get much time to ourselves. Today makes exactly two months since I've seen him. I miss him soooo much. He's been in the Army for over 20 years and have tried to retire, but have been a vicitm of the "stop loss" policy which stopped the retirement of soldiers with special training and skills to stay and fight. -I hate that BS!! Thank God they're now trying to do away with "stop loss"!! This may not happen until fall of this year from what I've been reading. I'm praying that when he gets here in June, that the new policy may be in place and he won't have to return. 

Though, he's used to this lifestyle, I'm not. Our relationship is still rather new and this is my first deployment I'm facing. It's only been two months and it feels like a lifetime. I want him home so badly, but all I can do is pray. On top of that they sent him to Afghanistan!! -Could it be any worse??? I spend my days missing him and worrying! and the other days Worrying and Missing Him!! LOL I'm sooo not used to this at all. I'm 39 years old and never thought I'd be in a relationship like this, but know in my heart that I wouldn't give him up for the world! I'm in for the long haul!! I think that I'm now ready to go from Army Girlfriend to Army Wife!! -He'll be happy about that!  (I did the "getting married thing" already and didn't think that I'd want to do it again so soon!)

All I can say at this time is that I'm tired of hugging pillows, and sleeping with cell phones and laptops (waiting for contact). I want him back NOW!! At times, I want to lay down on the ground and throw temper tantrums like my two year old.  LOL... Though, I keep that to myself! I never let him know that I'm not keeping it together. -When he calls he'll say "Is this the woman I'm crazy about?" and "are you holding up for me?" and "Baby, I'll make it all better in June". -Now, how could I refuse to wait for THAT??? LOL ...Oh Lord, I just love that Man!! (smile) My memories of the night before he left are still so vivid. I can still remember his scent, his touch, his smile, etc.  I'm doing everything in my power right now to keep alive what we have even though he's so far away.

I've been keeping very busy since he's been gone. I've been hanging out with his two brothers and their families. We've been going out to concerts, family functions and name it. I guess I'm blessed; being that they're all so supportive of me. But, I don't want to wear my welcome out! LOL

If anyone else can offer some other advice on how to stay busy until he returns, please share -as I feel that I'm going to start running out of things to do.



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Hey Yall, Well actually the 94 days in my count down is only "my approximation" as I've stated in the story. It's just from what he's telling me is what leads me to believe it'll be about that time or so MAYBE. Whether it's earlier or sooner; this is the time I gave myself knowing as I get these days under my belt I'll feel better each day! It'll be great if it's sooner, but even if it's later, I will have gotten those days under my belt.<br />
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Thanks though!! (smile)

Welcome to the group, babe!!<br />
If i were you, i would edit this post. Your allowed to say how long hes been gone, but saying when he gets back could compromise security for him. Keep your soldier safe! (I did this two or three times before reading about OPSEC)<br />
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We definitely all know what its like to sleep with our cellphone and with the laptops beside our beds waiting for word from our other halves. It can get SOO frustrating, and I think your doing great in holding yourself together! The stop loss is kinda ridiculous from what ive read about it, fortenatly DB isnt affected by this just yet. And Obamas idea of reducing troops is by taking them from Iraq and sending them to Afganistan. I know of tons of troops being sent there in the next year X_x its crazy! <br />
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But you'll come to find that being an army girlfriend...though its soemtimes hard work, its really rewarding. There is really nothing like seeing him for the first time after months.<br />
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Im also very close with my DBs family. They invite me over all the time to watch movies and chat. If they really like you, they arent gonna get sick of you, sweetie. You should count yourself lucky, becuase i know of a lot of military girlfriends who struggle to keep in contact with the family so they can keep in contact with their boyfriend (im very blessed too)<br />
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If you have any questions or anything, feel free to message me and chat ^_^

Oh sweetheart, welcome to the group!!! We are all in your shoes in some way or another, lol! Deployment is a tough tough tough situation for everyone going through it, for them and for us. I encourage you to read through some of the stories on here, it is a very supportive and understanding group. About half of us are going through a deployment, and the other half have boyfriends in Basic training. <br />
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Have you begun making care packages for him yet? I swear I have more fun making care packages than anyone would believe, lol! And really anything else you can do to keep busy is oh so helpful, work, classes, family, hobbies, anything. THe whole sleeping with your cell phone and computer....yeah, just chalk it up to the game cause you won't take a shower without that phone being inches away until he's home! It's probably a lot better for you that he has so much experience in deployment, he already knows his end of the deal and has probably worked through many of the things some of the younger guys struggle with.<br />
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One last note, there's a post or two on here about OPSEC, or you can just google it. Saying where he is and how many days until he comes home are actually security risks for them.<br />
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Welcome to the group!!! =)