Im a Proud Army Girlfriend

my soldier has been gone out of my state since october of last year...he has been gone out of the states since december of last staying strong for him and praying for him everyday for his safety...but i just have those days were i do not want to get out of bed and go to work like today cause i just wanted to lay in bed and cry cause i miss him so much...i have a picture of him in my car so when i look down to see how fast im going, i see his picture...i sleep with my phone ever night so that way if he calls i will not miss it...there is a little quote i found on the internet and it says "half my heart is iraq" and holy cow is that ready for the other half of my heart to be not trying to wish my life away...but im ready for this year to be over with so he can be home safe

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:( this definatley reminds me of myself, especially when you said that in a way you just want this year to go by really fast so he can be home! i've been trying to get extra hours, and do everything i can to keep myself busy! <br />
<br />
Know that you have people praying for you, and that God is in control of everything.

I think that all of us know what its like to miss our soldiers like that. I had days where my boss sent me home because id come in crying from missing him so much (nights and driving is hardest for me because i have time to think about it) Days where i'd wake up, and not have a message from him yet and just wanna crawl under a rock and fast forward time.<br />
Its hard, but you CAN do this, and no matter what the army does, they cant stop the sun from rising.<br />
Just keep your chin up, girl.

stay strong girlie.. we will keep him in our prayers! when does he come home?