My Day With My Baby [[march 11th.09]]

so i told yall all about how i couldnt even sleep because of how excited i was to see my soldier since its been months. so i figured id keep yall filled in and tell yah how it went :) here is goes...

soo me and my sister went to go pick him up [[sister came becuz she is leaving soon so she can get things ready for when he soldier comes home from deployment so she wanted to spend time with us]] anyways. we went and picked him up and said hi to his family and all. and than we went to these trails/docks or what not it was beautiful :) and than we went to the mall down there and cozyed up and watched a movie :) and than we had to take him home :( which sucked but we had to get bak becuz my sister had stuff to do. but it was amazing. prob. sounds lame but i had alot of fun. hehe. and iam hoping to stay the weekend with him today but idk ill right another story about that haha. anyways i just wanted to keep yall filled in :) tell me what yah think or your stories about when ur soldier came home.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

Its not lame, just getting to spend time with him is the best activity ever :]<br />
I think one of the closest memories i hold to my heart of my soldier was family day when he was graduating BCT. His family went off base to eat and to give us time alone, and we just walked around the park and went down to the lake and cuddled and talked. <br />
It doesnt sound like much, but the weather was beautiful, the lake was sparkling, and it was the first time i had seen him in 4 months. Its the little things that count, ya know?