Friday the 13th Always Gets Me.=/

every friday the 13th i always get screwed over. iam not just saying it because iam saying it because its truee! okay lets start off with the last friday the 13th...

i was hanging out with my girls and everytime id get outta the darn car id hit my head lmao and than we went to the movies and i forgot my id becuz i need it to get in since its rated R. so we had to go all the way back home and back than we needed to do something to kill some time so we were being dumb and i climbed into this tiny cart thing they had at dillards haha and i was riding in it than we had to cross the busy street so my friend was pushin  em fast and she hit a pot hole and i flew out and hit my head really hard like i mean MAJOR and a whole bunch of other ****.

andddd now today is march 13TH 2009. and i had a  huge wonderful weekend planned with my baby and we had to like sneak around my dad becuz if he knew i wanted to stay the weekend with him he'd figure we would do stuff and **** and he doesnt trust me i guess cuz i told him i was staying at my friends [[which i always do everyweekend]] and now he is like where?and i said laurens or amandas is tht okay? and he was like NO i need an adderess and need to know where it is. which is bullshit becuz i can do whatever i want but now i cant even be with my baby so iam pissed off and he ruined everything. ugghhh =/ i wish i could just tell him my plans so i can go but i cant becuz he is very worried and judgemental and crap.

so pretty much every single friday the 13th is TERRIBLE for me.yall got any terrible stories?make me feel better? or something :(

ColesOneandonly18 ColesOneandonly18
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2009