6 More Days!

so i have 6 more days left until my bf gets home! im still wishing that im going to his graduation. well his parents are the only ones going because he told me & his siblings not to go anymore and waste money on a plane ticket/miss school & work when they wont even have a family day. and plus right after graduation they have to be shipped out right away to the airport to go back home. so he told me to wait at home & JUST MAKE SURE that i go pick him up at the airport because if we go he wont really get a chance to spend time with us.

anyways, im sooo excited! i cant really explain how im feeling. whenever im not busy and id think about the fact that hes coming home i get soo happy, anxious, excited, and a lil nervous. i dont know what to expect when he gets back! i also feel like i have so much to do and i have no time due to work. but i definitely made sure that wednesday will be my spa day! i already got a hair cut and wednesday i wanna make sure that i can relax and look refresh for my boyfriend! hahaha.

but anyways, at night id just always lay awake in my bed (atleast this time im not crying anymore) but i just cant stop myself from feeling so anxious and excited! idk what else i can do to calm myself down, to make time pass and not think about him coming home. i ended up reading & finishing a book this week just so something can distract me with the fact that hes coming home. I JUST CANNOT WAIT TIL I CAN JUST HUG AND KISS HIM AND JUST BE WITH HIM AGAIN! but idk im just writing random thoughts here again, well i was just wondering what else can i do guys to make time pass?!

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I remember how anxious and excited i was for DBs BCT grad (i assume thats what hes doing since you mentioned family day?) <BR>Beleive it or not, i look back fondly at the time in my life. I know that time feels like its dragging on foorreevver, but really when you look back your gonna be like "how'd this go by so fast?" (i know you dont beleive me now, i didnt either when someoen else told me that over a year ago)<BR>Just hang out with friends, go to the movies, paint, play video games, go running, whatever you need to do to pass the time.<BR>And enjoy your time with your other half!! A spa day sounds really awesome, i might think about doing that too<br />
be sure and tell us how it goes :]

I am so excited for you that your boyfriend is coming home. from basic right?.. my bf is at basic & i wnt see him till June. i cant wait for that feeling that your having now! ughh i wish the time would pass.<br />
<br />
to pass time, i read, hang out with my friends or you know what ive been doing..making a dvd for our anniversary which will be the week he comes home.. its really cute too! you should do it. u guys can watch it together n everything = )<br />
<br />
--keep us informed and let us know how it goes = )