So Happy!

So tonight has just been a really great night! I finally had a really good conversation with my soldier. He's doing really good at ait and he'll be home in mid-june! Tomorrow is our two year anniversary, and although we cant spend it together, we get to talk all day on the phone. Wow, i've never been so excited in my life!


arrmywife arrmywife
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5 Responses Mar 13, 2009

awh thank you girls so much!! <br />

yay! that's great :) from what i was reading, stuff was not going so great for you lately, i'm glad you had a good day!

That is sooo great! I am so glad to hear it! Good for you girl!

unless ait is different... hmm... i don't know. whatever. haha

thats so exciting. =]<br />
i always love the weekends. unlimited communication until formation on sunday. so wonderful. lol