hiii ladies,

so first off, i just got home from the britney spears concert which was awesome. okay im not a huge fan but i had to see her make her come back and all. lol it was great THAN

.. i come home to a letter from my boyfriend! its been over a week and a half since anything so this was seriously amazing. it was a quick letter. he was writing in the dark and said people in his PLT dont know how to shut up so they have been getting in trouble and not having any free time at all.  he also said that him and the guys are having a competion to see who gets the most letters and i think my bf is gonnna win. i have sent out 23 and i have 4 more to send out 2mr. nooo im not obsessed. just whenever im bored @ work or school, i write him to tell him how proud i am & how special he is & all that good mushy stuff lol

my god, i love my solider!  i just wanted to share my happy moment bc i havent wrote nething in a few days bc i was just feeling sad but now im happy!!


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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Awwww I'm so happy for you! Thats a great uplifting story :-)

That's so good..<br />
<br />
I was the same way. I use to write my boyfriend every moment that I got. I write him like twice a day. He loved my letters and when I use to get his letters it use to be the best feeling..<br />
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I'm happy that you are doing good though...

awh thats great girl!!<br />