I just booked my plane ticket to go and see my soldier in April. I can't wait! I haven't seen him since Decemeber. I am so Happy! I am going to be there for a week. He will still be working while I am there but at least I get to see him. I have missed being in his arms so bad and his kisses but that is all going to change soon! I don't mean to sound braggy but I am just so happy! It seems like all I have been doing lately is working and then talking to him on the phone. It is just coming at the right point so I can have a break from non stop work and remember what it is like to have my man around.

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yayayayayayay!!!!! *jumps up and down* i'm excited for you just reading that!!! enjoy the time together :)

I know how you feel... I get to see mine for Easter hopefully :) I get a week off then and I'm gonna go down to see him from Good Friday till the day after his birthday :) I can's wate!!! I'm so excited for the both of us!!!

awee your not sounding braggy because we are all gonna get to experience that just all at different times.. as much as we are here for eachother thru the bad times, we are also here to hear the good stuff too! lol im so happy for you. i dont get to see my man till june! its going to be a rough few months but ill get thru<br />
<br />
keep us posted. let us know how it goes! good luck girlie

I am excited for you! I know what you mean!<br />
<br />
I get to see my boyfriend again in June! It is going to be a long couple months. But, I talk to him everyday which makes me happy. I just can't wait to I see him! <br />
<br />
But, I really am excited for you because I know you need it. WE all need it!