Feeling Very Lonely

Hi my name is Leah and I live in Hawaii, maui, my boyfriend is a Marine, and is stationed  at camp pendleton, sandiego,ca.  I really do not know where to begin, only, my heart is feeling quite heavy.

We have only known each other for 1 year, and out of that year, Joel, has been in constant training.  I saw him last October, when he visited for 12 days.  Our situation is a little different as we a large age difference, which does not matter, because we love each other from the heart, and I have tried so many times to make this association go away, only it never does.  There is an 18 year difference between us, I being the the older.  Anyhow I dont know why I am writing this, just would like to know if there is anyone else in my situation, who I could talk with.  Joel and I talk when we can, we are not getting married, anytime soon, as he informs me he does not want me to be in anymore emotional pain.  He is going to be deployed soon to Afganistan, and I do not ever know when I will see him.  thanks for listening.


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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I personally don't think that age means anything, because all that matters is love! :) Distance makes your relationship stronger! & it sounds like you are very strong already :) My guy is getting deployed soon, I'm pretty sure hes going to Afghanistan also :( Do you think you'll get married when he gets back form Afghan?

i am not in ur situation in the fact that i have a huge age diff with my bf. but wow thats a rough situation. i just wanna comment and say i feel for you.. i do. & ur deff rite, age doesnt mean anything when you love eachother.. i think u guys just need to stay strong & get thru this. it takes a strong girl to be a military gf. if ur love is real, it will work.. u just need to stay strong & get support.. we are here. & its good that ur not getting married just bc ur not right next to eachother.. alot of girls do that and i believe thats not rite.. STAY STRONG!

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