Need Some Input From Alot of Girls!!!

I am trying to be as patient as i can and not cry but my bf started vasic 3 weeks ago and i havent recieved one letter or phone call.....i got them both in reception but not basic yet. Has this happened to anyone else?? please everyone please tell me how long it was before you heard from your men in basic training??

KingsQueen KingsQueen
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

You have to remember that each basic training station is different. this also depends on their DS and how much free time they have. there first 3-4 weeks are red phase and they basically have no freedom at all. dont take this personally. every girls situation is different when it comes to this stuff.<br />
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just relax and wait for that letter or phone call because its coming. this is all new to both of you, me and alot of other girls. we are all here for you for support. your also pregnant so you cant be stressing 24-7..relax and dont worry, that letter or phone call will come sooner than you think! stay strong hunnie xoxo