Extended Time

so i knew db would be gone for 5 weeks this summer for ldac. i was actually kinda looking forward to it, you know, "practicing" if you will for the longer times away and trying to be positive. even though i was going to miss him a lot, i figured it was just a month and a little extra, no big. i wanted to prove i could handle it and be mature this time around.

i just found out he's doing DCLT for the 4 weeks prior. i know if he (or his command) thinks he needs to do it, he should, and i support it. and in a few days i'll probably be fine. but... i can't help it. i'm bummed. and i feel badly for feeling bummed, b/c he's under enough pressure already, i don't want to add to it, and i feel like i should be used to it by now.

just...... ugh. i'm sorry for complaining everyone, im just disappointed. i'm sure i'll get over it soon.

MS234755 MS234755
Mar 17, 2009