Small World?

So I am starting college this fall, and considering all my friends are going to different schools that are 3+ hours away, I figured I would get a head start on finding a roommate, and also I though it would be hard to find someone who could put up with all the crying I will do at night when I realize my soldier won't be there next to me. My college's website has a "roommate matching" profile thing where you fill out a questionaire regarding what you look for in a roommate, and of the 6 girls I matched up with, only one responded back and we got to talking and she seemed really cool and we had a lot in common. Then she told me that she has a boyfriend in the marines and that he is leaving for basic in june! It's unbelievable that the first potential roommate I found will be going through pretty much some of the same things I will be going through. I didn't think that that many people were joining the military around where I live, but I guess this is the age when they start joining so I'm bound to see more of it. Sure, I'm not a huge fan of marine gf's (based on that crap they posted on our forums), or marines for that matter, but she doesn't seem cocky like all the other ones I've seen. Sure this is the first person I've talked to about rooming with, but she seems so cool and understanding. Should I take a chance and take her as a roommate and be able to talk to someone that will understand what I'm going through, or should I wait and get someone that I can just try to be friends with?

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I would do it. Don't let a few bad apples change how you look at everyone. Marine g/fs and marines themselves are not all bad. Just a few immature ones. I think you should meet her maybe go to lunch. It would be nice to have someone with you dealing with the same issues as you. And who knows you might end up being a blessing to her as well. Good Luck Girl!

I would definitely move in with her! I found most of my college roommates online, and had some good experiences, some not so good experiences, and finally met who is still my best friend today. Even if it doesn't turn out fantastically with this girl in particular it's just one roommate and you can always change later. It will also be so good to live with someone who understands all that you'll be going through. Marines and their girlfriends are definitely not all bad, it's just the ones on this site who run their group a little differently than we run ours, lol. But in most military men and their significant others the motto is one fight, one team!

That so great that you found someone with some things in common with you! :) But don't let other people from here or anywhere else make or break your opinion of her, because everyone is different :) & I would defiantly try and meet with her in person before making a final decision, like for coffee or something :) Because you never know maybe shes got a really annoying laugh or maybe she smells?? or there could be something that she does that could really annoy the heck out of you? I'm not saying she is any of those things at all ;P but you should just get a feel for who she is a little bit before you make a decision to live with her for the Whole school year! lol