So I am new to being an army girlfriend...and I have some questions. My boyfriend left for Ft. leonard wood in Missouri in feburary and will be graduating at the beginning of june. Will he only have two weeks at home??? How will they decide where he will be stationed? Does he get a choice at all.....or do they just stick him somewhere??? Also...I am already assuming he will get sent overseas...so how long after basic do they usually have til they go overseas? If you have any answers or advice.....please respond!



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As far as they get where the get stationed I think they get to pick 3 spots they wouldnt mind being stationed at although there is no gaurentee that they will actually get where they wanted to...as far as getting deployed it may be a year or it could be weeks...or he might not even get deployed it just depends on if his platoon gets called up. But in saying that when my husband got deployed his platoon did like a month training before they could go over there to get all there paperwork and shots and stuff.<br />
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Anyway you will find that military life is very very hard at times but you will learn to love it and what it stands for! I know I wouldnt trade it for the world!<br />
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Keep your head up and I am here anytime you need to talk! Stay Strong Sweetie!

Like the other two eaid, it all depends... Nothing is the same for every one... I know that my DB got sent to Korea for a year right after basic... He took a couple of days leave i guess (I wasn't with him at the time) and then off to Korea he went... Now he's state side and close enough to where I can drive if I had a long weekend and wanted to (wich I do lol). But he's slotted for deployment for next year and who know's when that's gonna happen... The army sucks no lie but the men are usually some of the best :) Good luck and post any of yer problems or if yer sad or happy or what ever!! Welcome!!

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My boyfriend is also at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. he left Feb 25th. what is your boyfriend's MOS? okay so from what ive heard from mike's recruiter and his sister (her husband and her are also in the army), in basic training, your bf will fill something out called a dream sheet. on this, they pick 3 places they would want to be stationed in the US and than 3 places outside the US. now they fill this out, but almost never will they get where they picked. they pick them being stationed by their MOS and where they are needed. its hard to say about that,your just going to have to wait and see.. as for deployment, that also depends on their MOS and where their units are needed. it can be days or months, thats something no one will ever be able to tell you because you have to remember that with the army, nothing is set and stone. it can change at any moment which sucks but thats how it is. and as for graduation, is your bf in OSUT? if not, than he gets a basic graduation & family day combined than right off to AIT. after AIT, he gets to chose if he wants to take a leave or not before being stationed. remember that they only get one month off per year so soldiers use it wisely. <br />
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just message me if you want to talk. ill answer as much as i know! stay strong sweetie. what day did your solider leave?

Not to sure they have a choice where they are staioned at...i'm thinking it is just where they are needed. At least that was the way it happened with my soldiers best friend. And my soldier was home 7 months until he got deployed overseas and then was gone for 15 months. So that is something that depends also. Its one of those things that you just have to wait on. One of the guys that my soldier went to basic with got deployed like 2 days after they graduated...due to the Unit he was attached to. If you ever need any help please let me know. The girls on here are great and are always willing to help in any way.<br />
And Welcome!!!!