Should I Or Shouldn't I???

Ok now that I am deffinately going to see my DB in 19 days!!!  (I love the fact that's it's under 20)  I have a delema...  I want to bring my dog, Good idea or bad idea??  He's not a huge fan of dogs but he said that I could (he knows if we wind up married that the dog comes too).  I have found a cheeper hotel with pretty good ratings that will allow her to stay with me for the week.  She's a good dog, dosn't chew or jump up and she protects me and the house/car/what ever she's in/around...  My DB is going to have to work 3 or 4 days that I'm down there wich is why I want to bring her so I feel safe in the room alone...  What do you girls think??

BrendaMarie BrendaMarie
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3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

lol I don't think she'll bark much... not if all my stuff is in there, maybe a little right when we first leave to go out... and yeah deffinately would have to put her in the bath room bc she's a jellous doggie lol she has to get up in there if i'm huggin someone... that would be akward lol :) so bring the pupper dog I will :) Thanks girls!

Would you be able to leave her alone in the hotel room if you guys decided to go out for dinner? Because if she'd bark and stuff and you wouldn't be able to leave her alone that would kinda suck. But if it were me I'd bring the doggie :). Our dog is like our baby.<br />
& if you wanted some "alone" time you could put her in the bathroom, I might be weird but I don't like the dog in the room when we're having "alone time" :P

bring the dog! i love dogs