Pending Wedding Plans? What Do You Think?

Me and Cruz (My fiance) Were hoping to get married on Aug. 2nd 2009, and I had been planning some little things like photographer and venue and all that good stuff :P And then we found out about his deployment coming up soon and he'll more then likely be going before Aug. 2nd. So, we defiantly want to get married before his deployment but the only way to do that would be to either: A. Get married at the court house & Have a really nice wedding when he comes back from the deployment or B. Throw a very small wedding together in like 3 weeks & have only that and nothing else after. ??

   I'm leaning more towards Plan A, because when he would get back in a year or so we'd have his enlisment bouns, plus his active duty pay from the deployment to put some toward our wedding and it would be our dream wedding and it would be perfect. But if we were "already married" would people still want to come to our "second" wedding??

   I don't care either way because both senarious end up with me marrying the man of my dreams but what do you think? Should we go with plan A or B?

Thanks ladies! 

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Plan A deffinately :) That way with the big wedding all the paperwork is already done and you can concentrate on the other stuff :) Plus it gives you time to save and plan and what not :P

Sweet! We should start a wedding planning thread/Story..?? maybe?? with tips, and all that good stuff :P Photos of our selected venues?? :) Cute flower arrangements?

Me to girls! I have to plan one as well and I am sooo excited!

yeah :) All of you are right, thanks for the input.<br />
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and I like what you said bhertz, :) planning a wedding will keep me busy while he is away. <br />
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Thanks again everyone :)

Sweetie I myslef am currently doing plan A and of course they will come the courthouse isnt the wedding either of us deserve...and plus you will have a whole year to get it perfeect and just how you want it!

I would chose A. Thats what my husband and I are doing. But we planned it for our 10yr instead and renew our vows. People will come they will be excited. It will be a party and everyone like those. Congrats in advance on whatever you chose.x

Well, I would choose A because your right you can always have a big wedding when he comes back. Me and my boyfriend are also doing the courthouse thing because he is active and we never know when he is going to have to go. <br />
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Plus I think the same way you think as long as you get to marry the man of your dreams that is all that matters. <br />
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Congradulations and Good Luck with everything!