Just Found Out His Deployment Date

Ive been an Army girlfriend since the summer and he's the sweetest thing in my life. We had some problems at first bc I didnt have the best understanding @ of military life. We've been great for so many months now....and then we found out this week that he is deploying October 26th. Now I relish every mintue of every weekend I spend on post with him. Im already so apprehensive!! I  want to be supportive bc I know he's dreading this...however, this will be the second and final deployment bc he will be getting out upon his return. Any tips on how I should feel....or how I can help him not feel so sad about leaving me here???

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Im not trying to be mean or anything but you shouldnt put any deployment dates up on the web site. My boyfriend said that we shouldnt even say them over the phone just incase. I just wanted you to know

Hey hun, honestly, dont ignore the fact that hes leaving. Try to come to terms with it and set up some things that are gonna keep you especially busy (though beleive me, when he first deploys your not gonna wanna do anything but lay around in bed) <br />
but at the same time, dont overwelm yourself and spend the next several months worrying. <br />
Enjoy your time with him and try not to bring it up all the time. He cant help that hes leaving you to be deployed, none of our soldiers want to do it but its their duty. They agreed to defend our coutnry when they signed up and we agreed to stay by their side and support them (that goes soo close to being against what i am. im a complete feminist...but in this case, its true. I love my soldier and will stick by him) <br />
Soo bascially, just breath, prepare for it but dont fret over it, and dont think about it too much right now (its march!) just enjoy your time with your DB :)

hey sweetie!<br />
I am so sorry to hear your man is leaving there is nothing that can ease that pain! It will be the hardest thing when he leaves I wish I could tell you different!<br />
However if he is not leaving until Oct. try not to think about him leaving...I know its hard but try becasue if you spend theses months with him worrying and anticapating about what is going to happen you will regret it you need to enjoy this time you have with him! And if you are constantly worrying then it will be hard to enjoy yourself and the time yall have! <br />
<br />
Be Strong Hunny! You will make it through this!<br />
<br />
You can message me anytime I am always here for you!