It's a Beautiful Morning :)

so I haven't been on at all lately if you guys have noticed..I'm sittin up north in my FIANCE'S hometown! :) he is home now for r&r and we have 6 days left together before he has to board that flight that takes him away from me for another 9 months. Girls, this trip with him has been absolutely amazing. I want all of yall to know that no matter how hard this distance thing is with us and our men, the second he steps off the plane, it all goes away. I was sitting there in a chair just waiting to see him and the second i saw him i jumped and took off running towards him, passed the do not enter sign haha and jumped into his arms. He even says he heard me scream....i dont remember...haha. it is beyond amazing. words can't even describe how great it has been being beside him again.

On sunday he took me up to lake erie to a resort on the beach and we stayed there for 2 nights. On monday he took me to see my first lighthouse! I have a huge fasicination with them..and he blew my mind once again and got down on his knee and proposed. Ive always considered him my fiance because we talk about getting married but now it is official! I have this huge *** ring on my finger and the love of my life promising to be with me forever. don't tell him i said anything but...he actually teared up :) I thought it was the cutest thing! of course I cried but he's a strong soldier and he can't admit he did to anyone but me! hahaha.

anyways, hope all is well with all of you girls. let me know if you guys need anything! ill be here..

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5 Responses Mar 19, 2009

awww congrats!! that's so sweet! =)

CONGRATS. thats amazing & such a cute story, it like made me cry because i cant wait to be engaged to my solider!<br />
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and yes, distance only makes everything better. i cant wait to see my solider.. less than 3 months!

Girl you made m e cry! I am so glad for you! Arnt our army men great! Enjoy your time with him girl and know we are all so jealous lol!<br />
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Thats is soooo adorable.<br />
Jelouse!!!!<br />
Good Luck though. I wish you the best!<br />
I totaly agree though. The distance only makes the time with them soo much better. It actually makes it all worth while. :)

That is so good..<br />
<br />
Congradulations!<br />
<br />
I can't wait until I see my soldier again. <br />
<br />
But, Congrats! I am excited for you! Enjoy your time with him.