I'm a Bit New to This...

I have never joined anything like this, any communities really online.

I am dating one of the most wonderful men I have ever met. The past 5 or 6 years I have had a few relationships, but they were anything but mature, serious relationships. Tyler is such a blessing to have in my life. This is also the first time I have been part of a long distance relationship.

We are both from the same area of MA. Different high schools, but I could have ridden my bike to where he grew up. We met last June through a mutual friend, and hit it off pretty well. At the time, he was interested in another chick (a girl whom I knew actually, and use to babysit) but interest on both sides waned and we began talking more to each other and before I even realized it, it was an everyday conversation we were having.

He came back home on leave for 18 days during the Christmas season, and he officially asked me out. So we have only been dating as of December 20, 2008. I just came back from Ft. Benning, GA on his 4 day leave to visit him and I miss him so much more every time I have to leave him. He was supposed to have been ETS'ed in December of this year but is now scheduled to deploy in November for a 12 month tour. I know it hasn't happened yet, but just thinking of him being over there again breaks my heart.

I love him so much, and he means the world to me. I cannot wait till we are finally able to be together and not have to worry about when his next leave dates are. I guess I just wanted to share with others who know what it is like to be apart from the man you love for so long.

~ Meaghan


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np :)

ooohhhhh well thanks :)<br />
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Good to know lol

DB = Dear Boyfriend, Darn Boyfriend, or Deployable Boyfriend (what ever you feel like at the time ;)<br />
<br />
DF & DH are the same except for F = Fiance and H = Husband

Thanks so much guys :)<br />
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Question from a noob... what does DB stand for? I feel like an ***.<br />
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I will be seeing him for 4 days in April & 9 days in May so I am so excited... I didn't think I would get to see him 3 months in a row. It's such a relief.<br />
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I just finished writing him a letter... I love doing it. He's worth the wait and when he gets out its going to be amazing. <br />
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Again, thanks so much for the awesome comments!<br />
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~ Meaghan

omg rem I don't need to think about him getting time cut short to 10 days!!! I'm tryin not to think about next year!!! lol sry that just scared me a little bit...<br />
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On topic... WELCOME!!! We are here for you!! lol Just don't think about the bad too much and you'll be fine :) If me and my DB have to talk about it it's all business and information and the subject goes quickly... It's just something neather one really want's to think about unless they have to... Cool cool about maybe moving down to Gerogia! I would love to move by my DB but he checked out the economy down there and no way is it gonna happen, unless we get married that is, wich might happen, and if it does it will deffinately be before next year :) but any who! lol sry I get off topic a bit... Welcome and if you have any questions just ask!!

Welcome to EP!!!! ^_^ you are definitely in a place that can understand you.<br />
Deployments are difficult, but count your blessings that you have a few months to prepare for it (though also, expect it to be cut up 10 or so days...cause thats happened everytime with my DB when he had to go somewhere) <br />
Your story with your DB is actually kinda similar to mine in the way ya'll met.<br />
Keep your chin up, keep yourself busy and visit this site often ^_^ its the formula to getting through it

WELCOME! I am so glad you came here! We are all goin through the same thing so we can all help! Thanks for sharin your story I love hearin them! Just stay strong sweetie it is hard but so so so worth it!

Thanks so much :) So far, so good.<br />
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Right now I'm actually looking at the economy in Columbus, GA. It's something we've talked about (me living down there) but it's a big step.<br />
<br />
I like it here so far though, and reading what others have to say and tell is wonderful.

Bless, you found the best place for support. There are so many lovely women on here. If you ever want ot chat I am here.x