I'm Nervous!

Cruz is calling his home unit commander right now and he is trying to get info on his up coming deployment!! & I'm very nervous! I hate waiting & not knowing ahh, lol.
I hope he calls me with some good news! *crossing fingers*

  This phone call and the answer that he gets  is what all our plans are hinging on.. our wedding, our plans when he gets home from AIT, its Scary! :P

ProudArmyWife11B ProudArmyWife11B
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oooh congrats!!! how exciting! =)

Ohh Thanks ladies! I'm SO excited too!!

Woo Hoo yer getting married!!! *big hugs* I'm so excited for you!!! :D

wow, at least its enough time to get married!<br />
YOUR GETTING MARRIEDD!! *throws streamers everywhere*

He gets back form basic/ait on the 24thof April. & The commander said they're leaving for pre-deployment training on May 5th. <br />
So he'll be getting about 12 days in between, :( But its enough time to get married tho :)

*crosses fingers and waits with you*

Oh Sweetie I know it is nerve raking just hang in there every thing will be ok regardless of what his commander says!

I was an Army Fiance and i delt with a second deployment...i know how your feeling. Just keep up hope