So I just got my boyfriends dog tags in the mail today! Oh my gosh, I have been waiting for them for atleast two months. My boyfriend just somehow always forgot to send them. But today when i got the envelope, the bottom said "P.S. I love you" It was so cute cause he knows thats my favorite movie! Its down to exactly three months until he comes home now!
So excited!

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I have no idea how to tell my boyfriend i want his dogtags. Lol, hes so clueless. He'd just bl<x>ink and me and ask why.

well when my boyfriend sent me his he ended up just telling him he lost one and he got a new set. so he wasn't suppose to send them...

Thank you Nika and Bhertz!! I am so excited to finally see him! <br />
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And new, they can send them whenever. My boyfriend sent me one of his cause he has two, although your not really supposed to, he did anyways. And the other one he sent me which says "i belong to a soldier" he bought. <br />
Hope that helps :)

Oh girl thats great i wear my husbands 24/7 it makes me feel closer to him! You dont have much longer!!!!!

hey this may sound really dumb but when do they get to send them too you???

I am happy for you! <br />
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I remember when my boyfriend sent me his dog tags. I cried.<br />
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And I also love that movie! Everytime I watch it I cry!<br />
<br />
But, I am excited for you since you only have a month left!