Ummm.... Ok Sure....

Ok so I sugested that we (me and my DB) camp for the four days when we're together and I stay in the hotel the last 3 or 4 nights so it's cheeper and he's all like "we'll see"  and i'm like ookkk w/e...  confused the heck outta me bc he's usually all over camping and being outside and everything!  he LOVES camping!  like LOVES LOVES it...  so his answer just through me off a bit...  but he's uber excited for me to come down there for the week...  like even more excited then he was for me to come down there last time and we were away for longer last time and he was super excited for that...  so i donno wtf is going through his mind...  any ideas?  lol i love trying to figure guys out and i hate not knowing, but i love guessing and what not too :)

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lol I'll deffinately have fun!! & he's not doing too much out side... That's like an impossability for him! lol... (He play's WoW like a crap ton every day so yeah)<br />
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I'm thinking he's eather thinking about the weather, or he has other plans (wich better include my pupper dog cuz she can't stay just any ware)<br />
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He's been stressed out bc they're getting room inspections every day, and lemmie tell you he's not the cleanest person... accually he's a freaking slob... but I don't mind too much :)

hmmm... maybe he's just been doing a lot outside lately (training, etc) and just wants a break from it or something. but it can never hurt to ask! i wouldn't worry too much about it though given that he's so excited to see you! have fun girl!!!