Super Bummed..

I just missed a call from my guy whom I haven't heard from in a couple weeks besides letters.  I'm sitting here hoping that he will call back but I know that he only had a couple of minutes to call today.  He did leave me a voice mail but I really needed to talk to him and I know that he really needed to talk to me.  He did say that he will be able to call me in 18 days on family day (April 11).  But that seems so long from now.

Since we are newly dating, I never thought that this would be this hard to be away from him, but I know that it's completely worth it!  I just needed to get this out to feel a little better about things since I'm super bummed.  I just need to look forward to April 11 or possibly time before then to hear from him again. 

Thanks for all your support since I know that you all know what I'm going through.

dsgirlie494 dsgirlie494
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 22, 2009

Well, he called back! I'm so happy!! It took a little while for him to get back to a phone, but we talked and that has completely made my day and week to hear his voice!