What Am I Supposed to Do?

This is me and my boyfriends first deployment and its almost halfway over. I have been there for him as much as possible and its been going pretty well considering. He knows that im waiting for him here when he gets back and that i love him. The thing is he has been changing his mind so much about what he wants to do, career wise. For a long time he has wanted to gtfo and be a Physicians assistant. Now he is reconsidering.. i think that re-enlisting in the army is a back up plan for if things dont work out for him in the civilian world but still that scares me so much! I dont know if i can bring myself to tell him that i will be here for him for another deployment. This isnt a current problem but you never know with the army. They are supposed to be giving him 2 and a half years free of any deployment after he gets home. Would another deployment be worse than just not having anything to do with it?


And i was also wondering...

Me and my Bf have never talked about marriage seeing as im almost 18 and he is 19 but i didnt know if there were any girls my age that had a guy come home and propose to them? Me and a co-worker were talking about this the other day and it just got me thinking.

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thanks girls for the advice. it really helps. i think a part of me knows i would be here for him for whatever even if it was another deployment but thats never what any of us that are left behind want to think about happening again. but yall have a good point.. i guess just seeing what happens and where were at is the best option. and obsessing about it now isnt worth my time. :)

Hey there... I feel for you...I met my DB online and waited 5 months to meet him. He had plans to go to college and we'd move in together etc... I think in his case living in the civilian world was too much... and he decided to deploy again this last month. We've got a lot of other difficulties to deal with now, but we're still together... I guess what I'm trying to say is wait it out hun... see how he is when he gets back and see how you feel. I didn't think I'd be able to face another deployment either, but here I am. I under-estimated my feelings for him before and now I can't imagine not waiting. Only you know what you are capable of, but it seems to me that if you've waited for him for half a deployment you must have some pretty strong feelings already. You never know what you're capable of until you're faced with it. You might surprise yourself with how strong you are. Its all up to you, but I'd say don't let fear of deployment get in the way of seeing just how things will turn out. Only you know what you can handle! Be strong! :) I'm here if you ever need to talk.

Wait for him until he comes home. If he is given 2.5 years free from deployment, why not just wait and see how things develop. <br />
He may or may not be ready for marriage when he gets home. I think a lot of times being on a deployment makes men realize the value of life and that is why more people marry young in the military (besides the benefits that you will both receive). The question is, if he does pop the question are you ready for a lifetime commitment?<br />
Keep your chin up girl :)