The New Girlfriend Post Deployment

Hi, my name is Aubree.

I just got with my boyfriend after he had been home from Iraq for a few weeks. When we first started dating everything was awesome. However with going through unemployment and the VA clinic things have really started to wear on him. He is getting more jealous and angry and I think he is depressed about his living situation (he is living with two friends and three dogs in an apartment, they mooch money off him constantly and dont take care of the living space.) I feel like he is taking it out on me?

I know soldiers change during and after a deployment, but he was so perfect at first. I guess maybe he is reacting to the stress? He can be really hard to read, most of the time. I do everything I can to support him and make sure that things get done and he says things to me about moving in together and he is taking me to meet his mom in Texas next month... I guess I just feel that he detaches and is mean when he is under stress. So... How do i deal!?!?

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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Thanks girls. This is the first soldier I have dated so this is kind of uncharted territory for me. I guess it just gets confusing when he says things about marriage, living together, puppies and kids and then seems to change on a dime. <br />
I definately know I love him and I am just waiting for things to even themselves out. I feel angry sometimes because it seems his cheating ex girlfriend got the best of him before he left for Iraq, and I couldve been with him and wasn't due to circumstances. He is an old friend of one of my old friends.

hi aubree. i met my bf post deployment to iraq his first time ( he is currently about to serve his second deployment there) when i met him there was something cold about him. We have to understand that what they do is extremely hard and time consuming and that really all they need is someone to listen to them. thats ur job! im sure that u are doing great being there for him. My soldier was great to me after a while and it seems that now that he is getting ready to leave again he is becoming more and more angry at things that are beyond his control. just hold on and stay strong and be there. best of luck!