Odd Question...

Ok I'm going down to Fort Campbell here in 17 days (yay!!!).  I'm going to visit my soldier!  I'm bringing my dog along with.  I have to go on post and pick him up on account of he has no car.  I need him to be there when we check into the hotel (still not sure where we're staying) because he's paying for it.  So I will need to bring my baby girl (my dog) on post with me.  So here's the question:

1.)  Do I need to bring any thing special with me (shot reccords, licence)?

2.)  Where can she go and where can't she go (Like can she go with me into his barraks if I want to take a nap?)?


BrendaMarie BrendaMarie
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

yuppers found that out last time I went down there (but it wound up being cheaper then the ones in Kentucky bc all the cheaper ones were taken already :( but all well... I have no idea where we're staying this time bc that's up to him... i'm not even forsure we're camping... he's being mysterious and keeping me in the dark!