I Dont Know What to Do...

I dont have my cell right now because my battery is on the fritz and I cant get a new one till friday. Tyler just texted my wireless (internet) number and told me that he reelisted. Active. And that he will be in Ft Gordon for 6 months and then Fort Dix for 2 years. But he will never get deployed.

He was facing deployment in November, but when he got back he would have been through with the whole thing. As much as I hated him going over I was coming to terms with the fact that he was and with his deployment. I knew I could get through it.

As much as I LOVE the fact that he's not going to be deployed, I HATE that he will be awy from me for longer. I know that Ft Dix is closer, but still, I just want him to get it over with and I know that part of the reason he did this is so we wouldn't have to be separated for so long over such a distance and so he would be closer...

I love him so much but I just don't know if I can deal with seeing him come and go once a month (if I'm lucky) for another 3 years (with the time he has remaining on his current obligation).

I have no idea what to do...


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Bless I know its so hard. Believe me. Steven and I started dating and dated for 2years living thousband miles apart. i lived in Alaska and he was all the way in the UK. So i know how hard it is but I also know if you really love eachother anything is possible. We are now more in love than ever before and more in love than I ever thought was possible. Keep your chim up and I am sure it will all work out.x

Thanks guys :)<br />
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We talked a lot about what he did and what we're gonna do. I know it was something he had to make a last minute decision on, and he had a real hard time getting in touch with me.<br />
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I kinda had made up my mind at first, but as I slowed myself down and took the time to think about what this means for him and us, it all is a lot less dramatic than I thought. Not only is he NOT getting deployed, he'll be closer (an 8-10 hour drive vs a 20-21 hour drive) and there is a possibility of him being moved to Otis Ar Force Base/Camp Edwards, ON CAPE.<br />
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He switched MOS's, so since he's PCSing he gets a 20 day leave too, in May. So he's going to come up and stay at my place. We're staying together. Talking on the phone with him was so rough, I was crying like a sally wimp with a skinned knee, I really didn't want to NOT be with him.<br />
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And what was his upcoming deployment in November was because he was being stoplossed. His ETS date was in December. It was going to extend his enlistment for a year. It was just so hard when I heard this, I had no idea what it meant, or about any of the details of his re-enlistment. But I made much ado about nothing. <br />
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You guys are rad.

You know, I would be thankful. Have you been though a deployment? Well I have been through a great many. Even say if he hadn't renlisted have you heard of STOPLOSS? Because it happens all the time. It sounds to me like you already have your mind made up, what you want to do. Welcome to the forces life. Anything can change at any given moment. Men don't think like women at the end of the day if you have only been dating three months he has to think what is best for him and his future just as you said you can't think of moving all the way to where he is. x

I had no clue about any of this... it was just sprung up on me. Even if he had already made up his mind I wish he would hve talked to me first.<br />
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He said with the economy the way it is in MA it was the fiscally responsible thing to do. So that when he comes home he will be eligible for jobs starting at 55-60k/year.<br />
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Thats all well and good but in the meantime... what? I know it sounds selfish and whatnot, but hell, there are 2 of us in this relationship. It's hard for him too, to have me and not be able to be with me, I know, but at least he has a g/f to come home to.<br />
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Me? Not so much. I can't just drop the rest of my life and move, we've only been dating a little over 3 months. This whole thing is just a surprise and a shock.

Well if its meant to work out it will. My husband and I even being married have been apart more than together. It is possible and if you really love eachother you will make it work and you will cherish the time you do have together. Be thankful hes not in harms waya nd look at your options. is there anyway to move closer? I''m here if you need to chat.x