Wow What a Week!

So on Sunday I got home from Ft Bragg. I went down there to see my boyfriend over spring break. It was my Christmas present. We spent 10 AWESOME days together. It was great to be together again; I hadn't seen him since Christmas. We had a great time just cuddling up and watching a movie.

Sunday afternoon I left Fayetteville. I was sitting in the airport spending the last few mins i could with him b4 I had to go threw security. When we were sitting there my mom called. While i was gone it was 40-50 degrees back home and all the snow melted really fast, way to fast. To sum it up, we started flooding really bad.

I got home to my dorm room around 12:30, midnight. I was so tired. The next morning i decided to miss my first class at 8 b/c i was SO tired. Well around 9 we found out the campus was closing. My mom called and told me to round up people and get to my neighborhood. We had to sandbag about 3 blocks of dike making it 2 feet higher. So not only was I tired and missing my man, i was worried about loosing my house. There were times that we were standing in river water.

If you haven't sandbagged before, some of the bags can be between 25-50 lbs a piece. I sandbagged for 6 hours on Monday. Today was the first day that i could actually extend my left arm all the way without a lot of pain.

My point in tell you all of this is I have been really stressed lately. I miss my man terribly and I have been sandbagging a lot. It doesn't help that my bf tells me that he misses me more and more each day. Next month he leaves for Afghanistan and I'm really not looking forward to that. I'm going to miss him so much.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Im sorry! Ohhh all of that at once? That sucks! But at least you got to spend time with him! I bet it was great! Everything will get better its just a little rough right now! <br />
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Stay Strong Sweetie! Message me anytime!