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Hey everyone! I know I have been off for awhile, sorry we just moved again and have no internet! I am currently sitting in the Food Court on base waiting for my husband to get off ... in 2 hours or so. Him and 2 guys he works with just stopped by to say hi on their way back to their offices after getting mail. ANYWAYS! Today is my husbands 1 year mark in the military... its crazy to think its already been one year! Out of that year, 10 were spent apart! But I know those we spent apart have made our relationship stronger. At first when we got back together I was scared... Yes when he picked me up from the Airport we couldnt let go of eachother, but at the same time we both felt like we were holding a stranger (we talked about this a few weeks ago). It was weird to be honest... it was like we didnt know how to act around one another, i was back to being that shy girl around him. It felt like it did when we first started dating! But now, a month into being together again its almost back to normal... were like newlyweds again! Its actually kinda fun. We really dont spend a whole lot of time together though. He works 6 days a week and when he gets off he is usually exhausted so we eat dinner then he goes to bed. We went to a marriage retreat this last weekend which i really think helped us. I was starting to feel like we were distant... I just felt like we were never together even though we live in the same house! So we went on this retreat and got to spend 3 days together... and talk a lot about everything and so far its been really good. We decided to start working out together when he gets off work, its something we can do together, and then he told me he is going to try to stay up a little later even if its just us cuddling watching a movie.. I am glad he wants to do this.. I have been doing what I can, by getting up with him in the morning and talking with him and helping him get ready and out the door on time, and then even when im not feeling good (I suffer from bad reactions to something here called Yellow Dust) I will go out to lunch with him... Its weird cause I really thought that once I got here things would go back to how they were when we lived together in the states.... it didnt, it really takes work just to spend time together. Were working on it and it is helping... I dont really know the point of this... guess i just needed somewhere to "talk" this all out in my head....

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I am so glad you guys are doing better! when my husband gets home we will have been married for a year and a month and we will have been together for 18 days out of I understand! I hope everything continues to work out!