hello  = ) quick question for you guys.

mike gave me his AKO login in so i went in & everything.

someone told me i can find out where hes been stationed and all that.

does anyone know how to work this thing? lol any help would be appreciated = )


stay strong ladies x0x0

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heyy!! you can try and see if it is on there but my guess is not yet....log into it go to the right hand side scroll down until you see a section that says army links and there will be a link that says assignment satisfaction key (ask) click on it and then when that page opens up at the top click on...on assignement and if its known it will be there :)

AKO is totally different, its Army knowledge online. Where the soldiers or (who ever has there login :P) Can find out information about duty stations, travel info, and all sorts of stuff

POA is Power of Attorney. It means that you are able to sing for legal documents and and things like that for your soldiers when they are away or just in general.

what is POA? haha i need to learn all this!