Gettin Ready to Go!

ok so I'm getting ready to leave in 12 days :)  less then two weeks!!!  woo hoo!!!  I haven't talked to my soldier in like a week (exactally)  he was in a grumpy mood when we did talk last week...  they've been having to have inspections every day bc some idiot had his room totally trashed...  there was complants about it from the guy's roomie and some other ppl and now every one is getting inspections every day.  it's hard for my DB bc he him self is a slob but w/e... 

My car is cleaned and i'm going to start the pleminary packing...  camping stuff, clothes that i know i won't ware, swim suit and towels (just incase), that kind of stuff.

I got to do laundry like really bad lol...  yes i'm procrastinateing it...  wich i really shouldn't...

I orgnized my CD's in my car for the trip down.

I gotta take my doggie to the vet to get her shots and flea and heartworm stuff some time next week.

I gotta get minutes for my phone b4 they run out.

I gotta call my DB cuz evendantly he's got too much on his mind or he's too what ever to call me...  men i swear!!!

but lemmie tell ya, heaven forbid him missing a day of playing WoW...  i bet if i got on vent right now he'd be on there...  (vent is a voice chat client that gamers use and that i have acess to if i wanted) but w/e...  i know he loves me and that's all that matters :)  he's probably trying to play as much as possable bc he knows that he probably won't be playing all that much when i'm there :)

that and he's probably trying to get what ever he's thinking about in his head straightened out (i've mentioned it in past stories), cuz i still have no idea!!!

well that's about my life for right now...

we have my second cousin here for the week cuz it's his spring break...

hope all you girls are doing good!!

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3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Hey! It wouldn't have to be a cretin room of the house, we're adventureous ;)

lol yeah... i'm pretty sure he was kidding about it though bc that's just how he is... i wasn't kidding about throwing out the window though... if it got that far he would need it for his sanity... but the fight leading up to and afterwards might be cause for one... but then again neather one of us believes in devorce (his parent's are divorced and mine never were married) if we're together we're together forever... but that's just us and we know that bc i will totally support someone getting a devorce if it is the right thing for them :)

omg i know!! i told him that if he was on it as much as my cousin's husband is on Star Wars i'd through his computer out the window... (my cousin's husband, named Andrew ironically, is on it like from the time he get's up to the time he goes to bed with maybe a little break, and they have three little kids). he told me that that would be cause for devorce, and i dold him "my ***"... but it's his mom that's down visitin him is why he hasn't called (he called tonight for like 30sec)