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Hey everybody!

I am a new user on this site and I am glad I can share my thoughts to people that will understand. I have been dating an army soldier for 5 months and he is absolutely amazing! he gets deployed in about 6 months and I am trying to start now with preparing myself for the long separation. Does anyone have any tips they can share because I want to be the best girlfriend I can be and be his number one supporter without showing too much of worry, since I am a huge worry wart! What is the best thing to do before he gets deployed? Thanks!

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Hey, welcome to the site!!!!<br />
Wow...i think katrina pretty much covered it.<br />
Just dont be suprised if he pushes away when all you wanna do is spend time with him. A lot of guys do that right before a deployment...but its in 6 months so i wouldnt worry too much about it right now.<br />
Just see him as much as possible, keep busy when you cant, aaand visit this site lots :]<br />
Im Rem (ray, rachel..whatev) and feel free to message me whenever you need someone to talk, rant, or have any questions.

Hey welcome to the site :) Its great that you are getting such a jump on getting involved in a forum like this, it really helps out a lot to be able to just come and talk to a bunch of ladies who are going through very similar situations :) I'm sure if there is anything that you have a question one of us knows the answer, or can find out for you :) I love all of these girls on here they've been so helpful to me every time I've needed some advise, So don't be afraid to post any questions or just venting about a hard day <br><br />
:P We're always here for ya!<br><br />
Anyway when people say "distance makes the heart grow fonder" they aren't lying, lol My soldier send me lots of letters and thats defiantly whats getting me through, so make sure to ask him to send you lots of letters & vise versa. I think you go through a lot of different stages, my first night alone I pretty much cried the whole night, cuz he wasn't there in my arms and it was something I was not used to at all, but then it got better, and then a couple weeks into it, everything started slowing down and a day feels like a week. Then things start to speed up again.<br><br />
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Another thing is don't be to hard on yourself when and if you miss a phone call from him, it does suck, really really bad, & no one can prepare you for the disappointment, but there is no way you could've known that he was going to be calling at that particular time, because calls are so random and sporadic. Depending on where he is going Iraq Vs. Afghan I've heard that Iraq has way better technologies and its easier to be able to use the internet/ make phone calls then it is in Afghan. Also remember that the separation does not last forever and he'll be home sooner than you think! :) (or at least tell yourself that because it does help)<br><br />
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But for now don't dwell on his deployment just enjoy all of your time that you have together and cherish every second :) Also remember that time is so precious, remember that for sure, try and treat the rest of the time you have with him like gold because you'll miss that time together soo much. Don't waste time on silly little arguments because when hes gone it'll all hit you about how restarted the things you were arguing about where, and that time can be much better spent :). Ohh and take videos of each other with your phone or camera because I did that with out even thinking it would matter, just to be silly, and I watch them like every single day! Just us sitting there telling each other we love each other or just being cutesy :)<br><br />
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Sorry its so long of a post but its just stuff I've found out since he's been gone. I hope you can use this 'knowledge' from everyone and make the best out of your situation. :)<br><br />
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WELCOME!!!! We are so glad to have you here! You came to the right spot! Everyone is going through the same thing so they all give great advise...so talk on here as much as you can!<br />
Ok before he leaves you need to enjoy every second you have with him and try not to worry about him leaving becasue you will regret it! And get him to get you a bottle of his cologne! My husband bought me a bottle right before he left and I wear his shirtss to bed with his cologne sprayed on them! Lol...kinda weird! Anoth3r thing is you might want to get a list of like the deoderant he uses and what kinda a shavers and that sorta thing so you will know what kind to send him when he needs new.<br />
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Other then that be strong!!! Message me anytime hunny! My husband is in Afganistan so i can totally relate!