I got to see his webcam all I can say is the army is treatin him good he he his arms are huge :) it was so cute to see his face god I'm so in love his smile has always gotten me but to see him smile after everything I said was so adorable and so good for my soul lol :) hes so amazing I have to get a webcam now too so that he can see me lol I know I will be primping in front of the mirror so that I look sexy for him ha ha

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sure is I have to get one myself

I know what you mean by the arms! WOW! My mans have like doubled. He used to be really skinny and he actually gained weight when he was in basic. He looked so much better after that. Not that he didnt look good before but he looks sexier now. My man and I will too be using the web cam soon. Im not going to complain, its better than nothing.

yeah its a must its all they have to look at better be a good view right lol ha ha

yes i got my man a webcam he hasnt hook it up yet :( but he hardly has time to be on it anyways but i know im with you i would be doin my hair and trying to look all cute before i turned on my web cam! lol

haha nice! don't be naughty tho! lol jk