Latest Army Girlfriend..

Okay this is going to sound a bit normal or familiar to most girls' stories.  I met my BF nearly 2 weeks ago online.  He found me and we lived right down the road from each other.  He wanted to hang out since we were literally around town. So I felt funny about it, then thought what the heck do I really have to lose. We met and boy did he not sweep me off my feet!! He said that he would be getting the call to leave for deployment any day, we managed to hang out for a week then the call came on Thursday to be shipped out Saturday - I was feeling mixed emotions because I was falling for this guy but I didn't want to go over the edge. I kept my feelings mutal but only showed that I cared about him. 

After he left Friday night or Saturday wee hours, he simply said I'll be back... my heart is hanging onto those words.  Since he went to camp before leaving he took his cell phone with him which I had no clue that he did.  He kept me posted as to what was going down.  Then asked me to be his girlfriend through text.. I wasn't sure to say yes or no bc I have no clue what I am about to get into - so I said yes - keeping in mind I didn't know the whole ends and out of military girlfriend's life.  Then got all mixed emotions again by his updated online profile indicating that he wouldn't do anyone much good since he is deployed at the moment - I am not going to lash out at him but I felt that he has said the same lines to me as to someone else... Its hard to say because we are only 2 weeks into this. 

So I hope I am doing the right thing by showing him support and remaining positive each time I do get the chance to talk to him... Wish me luck!!

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Thank you Sweet Pea!! This is my first experience but his 3rd... so I only pray that it gets better!!