Not Sure.... Need Help!!

 My soldier is currently at Fort Polk training for 3 weeks.... I haven't heard from him since he left last Sunday night.  I don't know how much contact time the get while they are down there or what they are going through.  Daniel doesn't like to talk about work too much.  I miss him terribly and this is the first time I have been more than 24 hours without talkin to him since we started dating.  Anyone ever had anyone at Polk? If so can you tell me a little about it? He deploys in Aug.... and I know it will be hard... 



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2 Responses May 3, 2009

Well, I am sure that if he could he would call. If he is doing predeploymnet training for when he deploys in Aug then he is a busy,busy man. My soldier was gone doing his predeploymnet training I didn't hear from him for like 2 weeks. They are just really busy during that period of time. But think about it like this....he is not calling because he is getting all the best training that he needs to keep him and his battle buddies safe when he deplys. Trust in that...he will call when he can. God Bless.

My boyfriend isn't at taht fort, but he's three weeks into basic training at fort jackson and i've gotten one 45 second phone call and two letters. I know especially at first there's not a lot of time. If he could call or write you, he would be. It's tough, but have faith that he's thinking about you all the time.