End of Heartache

Distance has never been a big deal between me and Eric.  we've been together for about a year now and whole entire time our relationship was considered as long distance relationship.  I was in Minnesota studying and He was in California working and doing army stuff.  neither one of us had experience in distance relationship.  we had our fair shares of arguments and tough times but made it through... Until last year winter rolled around.  Eric was deployed to Kosovo last december.  I know that there are other army girlfriends/wives out there who are in much tougher situation than I am.  But it was still hard for me to handle what seemed like million miles.  there was no way I could call him.  I had to wait for him to call me and if I missed his call that was it.  every day my heart tightened up in worries and I cried my self to sleep most of the nights.  finally may came around for his leave and I got to spend blissful time with him for 10 days.  I had to let him go just three days ago.  I thought it might be easier for me to say good bye since I've done it before but It was tougher than before.  because I knew how difficult this was going to be.   we almost gave up and broke up along the way.  every time I have to let him go I felt like I was going to lose him.  my heart sank when I found out that he might have to go to Iraq.  I wanted to just cry my eyes and give up but I realized that there are other women out there who are already going through this...I have so much respect for them.  I know that we will all smile on that day...the day when our heartaches end.  I am waiting for that day and I know that we can make it through.  I hope to find encouragement and support in here.  thank you for reading my story and everyone God bless!!!



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hunni i know exactly how u feel. it gets so hard and they say an army wife is the hardest job. Amen they arent lying. it does get very lonely and very sad but your right everyone will eventually come to the day when they get to see their loved one and when they will be back for good. you have to keep looking towards that. this is the right place to come if you want support there is so many women on here who know exactly how u feel and it helps to hear others stories and talk to people who do understand. im hear if you need someone to talk to message me anytime take care girl best of luck

hey, im in MN too! where do u go to school?<br />
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things do get better! and you found a great place to connect and find support when you're feeling down.

honey it's ok. we've all gone and will again go through this. Me, I have about the same situation. My bf is accross seas on his base, and I'm here in school. I see him once a year. But here's the kicker, they do go for a long time to Iraq...18mos, but remember, you get to send care packages, right? They can be so fun, but be sure to pack em good, because I've been told they share stuff that's shareable. I know your heart is where mine is, because you can talk to him a lot more than the ladies with deployed men can, but we go through some crazy scary thoughts as well when they aren't able to call for a long time. Just keep remembering to lighten up and trust him with all your might, and that's how it works: trust, right? depending if he's in basic or tech or even a base, if you can, send him an article of clothing or a blanket that you've worn and he'll have something to remind him of his love every time he smells it!