Worried and Frusterated!!

So I am sorry I feel like I only post stories when I am upset I like never say anything positive! haha but yea so my boyfriend is in iraq as all of you probably know and from my last post I was worried that he was having second thoughts about us.  Well I havent talked to him since sunday and we usually talk everyday I mean sometimes he cant talk everyday but this is the longest we have gone.  I know I am very lucky to talk to him that much but yea he has been acting distant for a few weeks and I know that he is dealing with a lot and whatever but still its bothering me but I never said anything to him bc I didnt wanna add to his stress! Well yesterday was my bday and I got a gift from him a couple days ago and I loved it and was so happy.  Well I didnt talk to him on my bday or the day before that. And I still havent talked to him today yet and its already almost midnight there so I think its a no go.  Well this morning I was online and he was on facebook and so was I and he was also on skype and so was I.  I was waiting for him to say something to me...well he didnt and so I just left because I was mad.  I know I could have said something but I wanted to see if he would.  He also took a facebook quiz so I know he wasnt doing anything important. (I know i sound like a creep haha but it came up on my feed)  Then he never IMed my phone and I had left him a facebook inbox message and he didnt respond and still hasnt.  Omg I am scared and frusterated I just feel like he is going to leave me like every other guy I have ever dated!! Ughh I just need some advice I guess...I need to say something to him but I dunno how to bring it up and not sound psycho! Thanks ladies for listening=)

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thanks ladies...i dunno what i would do without you guys lol!!

I hate feeling like that :( But i am sure everything is okay, considering he sent you something for your birthday, (Happy late Birthday!!) Anyways, the next time he is on facebook, or calls you. Just simply ask how he is feeling tell him you know how much he is going through, but that it is also hard for you, and that it would make it so much easier on you if you knew how he was feeling about your relationship. I'm sure everything is okay, message me anytime you need to talk. Stay strong! xoxo paige

I am sure everything will work out! My guy does that too, we just assume they know how we feel. They can't see how frustrated we get! Our guys are the best guys after all they are our soldiers! Maybe he was just distracted or showing his buddies stuff! That happens a lot to me! I am sure he means nothing by it! Stay strong and you can talk to me anytime you want!

yea i kind of considered that maybe he didnt see me online but he wasnt even on AIM but was on facebook and skype it kinda made me feel like he was avoiding me on purpose cuz AIM is where we talk the most!! but i always jump to stupid conclusions so im just gunna talk to him and see whats up...thanks girls!!=)

i think if you see him online again you should message him and say something.. i know a lot of times when my boyfriend logs on aim if i'm not on he'll stay on and not notice when i come on.. sometimes i miss his name too.. but if you have the chance to talk to him do it girl! you don't want to regret it.. stay strong and keep us updated!

yea i hope everything is alright and i know he has dealt with a lot and still will! all he had to say was hi how was your bday and whatever he didnt have to say much just something to let me know he missed me or anything ahh and it worries me more cuz the other day we hadnt talked in a couple days and i said i missed you and he's like i know. I just blew it off and kept talking normally! I dunno thank you so much!=)