OMG.. It's About Time :-)

OK so normally I come with bad news, but this time it's ALL GOOD !! My Baby finally called.. not once but 3 times today.  First time I heard his voice I started crying, happy tears none the less, but straight bawling LOL .  I was just caught off guard..It's funny cause my mom was like as soon as you stop staring at the phone it will ring and sure enough it did.

OH he sounded sooo good  and hearing his voice was like a weight off my shoulders. I did get his cell phone number so I call whenever, which I probably won't but it nice to have that option. 

Now I can see myself being able to deal with the deployment a whole lot better. I know I still got hard days ahead of me but it days like this that makes it all worth wild .

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3 Responses Jul 3, 2009

Awhh thats sweet. Wow you are so lucky. My boyfriend is at basic right now in Missouri and I havent heard from him yet. No letters or phone calls or anything. Im having such a hard time dealing with it. I cant wait until Chris finally calls me. Its only been about a week though. But its so hard. And he wont even be back until November. Im so glad that your boyfriend called. I hope everything goes good for you and him. =]]

awww thats so awesome!!! I know what your sayin its like they call once and your happy and then you get another call that just makes it sooo much better! You are definitely at a better place than i was 2 months in, good luck with everything :).

when i read this it made me smile because i do the same exact thing!! your waiting for the phone to ring all day and finally when you get your mind off it, it rings! and getting more than one phone call a day is SO exciting:) i can totally relate. my boyfriends been in iraq for two months now and i know exactly how your feeling! glad he called:)