How to Survive Deployment?

My boyfriend left the day I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant for a 12 month tour of duty in Iraq.Soon after he left alot of stuff started coming out in the open that I don't care to recall at this time he just did alot of lying while he was on base for 3 months and alot of things have been messed up since then.. And the sad thing is that to the military if you aren't married to the man then you don't really matter to them so with that being said he want get to come home when our little girl is born which is really sad because at my 20 week ultrasound I found out that our baby has anencephaly and most likely will not survive to be but a few hours old since her brain never fully developed and i'm new to this whole deployment thing but its a lot to deal with all at one time why does it have to be this way i just want him to be able to see his baby is there anything that i can do? 

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i am terribly sorry about everything. I will hold you both in my prayers. You are a hero of mine now. I am sitting here trying to figure out how to survive my boyfriends marine deployment and there you are dealing with his faults and the possible loss of your baby. You are going to be my inspiration through all of this. stay strong

i am so SORRY. but like others have said try geting a web cam. so your b/f can see his baby. being a garndfother and haveing a son in iraq. in the army<br />
and being a mp. i'm sure they will let it happen!<br />
good luck armydad

Thats horrible!!<br />
You and your baby will be in my prayers...<br />
God or who ever you hold as your superior being, works miracles everyday hunnie... and I hope they work one into your life as well.

i suggest praying .... ( = you will be in my prayers....

I am sorry things are so difficult. I once read on a news website that the Army Spouse set up a webcam in the delivery room and the husband was able to be on webcam with his wife while she had their baby. Maybe your man can do that with you? Have him ask his Superiors if they would allow it and if so ask the hospital you plan do deliver in if they would allow it and if so do it that way. He could "be there" with you during the whole thing. Its just a thought!!